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All videos are based on real occurence of our ministry

Here are some videos of our ministry

Projects and Videos will be changed from time to time

The founder Alexandre Anger da Silva

Alexandre Anger da Silva grow up in Brazil as a street kid. By the age of 11 he ran to the streets because he could not cope with the situation at home anymore. He went through much hardship in his life. He had various weak life periods where he didn't know how to pray and how to persist in spiritual warfare.
In a young age he came to Germany and married a German woman. She was not able to deal with his hurts and his behaviour and he could not either with hers. He fell into pornography and alcohol and his marriage shipwrecked. The door was far open and satan did his destructive work. Alexandre increased his alcohol level that he even
slept on the streets and even ended up in a drunk tank several times. He tried to commit suicide several times after his marriage was broken and failed. 

The first time he wanted to drink so much alcohol that he would die of a alcohol poisoning. 
The second time he wanted to throw himself in front of a city train but a woman held him back.
The third time he wanted to throw himself in front of a car by the motorway on the fast lane but somebody found him and called the police who took him into a mental hospital.
The fourth time he tried to find help in churches where he was only condemned and kicked out because he smelled like alcohol.
Even in a Brazilian church, he experienced the same. Therefore he bought himself 2 bottles of Jack Daniels, smashed all his psycho drugs and dissolved them in the drink.
Before he wanted to drink the deadly mixture, he opened up his computer and started worship music. Suddenly the Holy Ghost came in and laid a hand on him saying:
"I will deliver you from the dungeon of the dragon. I will seal you and set you free. I will send you to bring healing to the Germans."


All Glory and honor and praise be to our Lord!

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